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Grand Tetons with a good cause

I am participating in this fundraiser, where the money I raise go to providing an opportunity to take under[riviledged teen backpacking in some of the most beautiful moyntains in eth States. It will help them develop a character, leadership skiils and positive attitude towards life in general, the way I see it. You can find program details here:

As part of the fundraiser, i get to climb Grand Teton in Wyoming:
Flying out next Wednesday. Hiking up on Friday and Saturday, and climbing on Sunday! 3 pitches of climbing above elevation of 13,000ft shall be something special! I can just taste it!

I wonder if the kids I am raising the money for will get to climb it too... those would be some lucky kids! I guess that's the whole point of this fundraiser -- to make these kids feel on top of the world for once....

I am at the final push for raising the money and am about $750 short, but at least it's not $3500 which I started with! So, if any of you will find it in their hearts to help with this great cause -- I'd really appreciate it! All donations are tax deductible! You will receive a letter stating the amount a few weeks after you have made the donation.
Here's trhe website for doantions: .
No amount is small! i'll appreciate anything you are willing to part with!

Thank you all!
Ps: As part of the training for the Tetons I have hiked on Mt Langley last weekend. Check it out:
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