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Mountaneering, climbing and good cause!

I have not realized how hard it would be to raise money before I committed to it! wow! what a surprise -- people don't really like to give away money :)))

So, for those of you who don't know: I am trying to raise $3,500 to do this climb. The money go to the charity organization who’s goal is to provide similar opportunities for the underprivileged city kids -- to give them the opportunity to get out in the nature. You can read more about the organization here: And as part of the program I will be climbing Grand Teton in Teton National Park, Wyoming. The whole trip to the top is 4 days: 2 days of strenuous hiking and a day climbing, like real climbing with ropes and stuff at elevation of 13,000ft! I am extremely excited about this climb, and everyone I talk to about it can't say enough about the beauty of that place! I'm ready to go now! Except I am in the hole with the money and need any help you can give me....

All donations are tax-deductible. The donors will receive a letter within 90 days of their donations with the tax deduction information. My donation page is

So, there have to be people around with their own businesses who are trying to reduce their taxes... hmmm... How do I make it interesting for them? All big organizations and individuals for whom a little donation can go a long way! Anyone?

I am looking for people and organizations that can donate to my climb and get tax deductions,
and I am looking for ideas for different ways to raise money...

I'd appreciate any help, any amount of money anyone can donate and any ideas you may have for raising money! I will really appreciate your help! If you have any questions about the program or me or anything, you can visit the site, reply to this post, or send me e-mail at more info on fundraising my donation page

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